Love where you live, love what you have

In the spirit of romanticizing the city we live in, we're launching a series of monthly capsule collections, each made up entirely of unique secondhand pieces inspired by the neighborhoods of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our mission has always been to make it easier for people in our community to shop sustainably. To do that, we're bringing pre-loved clothing back to life through thoughtfully curated collections while highlighting different parts of Charlotte, NC. We're calling it Charlotte in the Wild as a play on Ponies in the Wild - by our community and for our community.

It's all about falling back in love with where you live, falling back in love with what you have, and seeing the beauty in what's around you through a fresh perspective.

How it Works

Starting in March of 2022, we're launching monthly capsule collections inspired by different neighborhoods around Charlotte.

Each collection will contain between 15-25 pieces in sizes ranging from 2-20. Each piece is one of a kind sourced from Charlotte thrift stores, rag houses, and recycled by our customers.

Every month, we will also be releasing custom merch (tote bags, stickers, candles, etc.) highlighting local businesses in each area!